We Share This History

by The Zach Jones

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All proceeds will be donated to help Standing Rock. To learn more, view this article: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/help-standing-rock-sioux-dakota-access-pipeline_us_583480c9e4b000af95eca013


We Share This History 

The families and friends gather on this day
To celebrate with spiked lemonade and full paper plates 
You're going to wear your colors if it’s rain or shine 
Give thanks to your fathers and those who held the line 
And watch the bombs burst in the sky

We share this history
Every rumor and belief 
Every flag that stands upon the heap
Of enemies now deceased 

We punctured this armor and found a vestige of truth 
The wound was sanitized and bandaged with platitudes 
Your parade had barriers so now we're marching right through 
The white stars on your flag are going to change a shade or two 
You’re going to have to look us in the eye 

We share this history 
From the desert to the sea
From the convicts to commander in chief 
Through different pledges that we speak 

All our fists are clenched. We’re one in our pursuit 
Because some are born over the moon and some are born under a boot
The ones who save their own skin and ignore the slurs they use
Are not far from wearing those costumes and using a special salute
Their “freedom” puts the fear freely in you

We share this history 
From the privileged to the meek 
The warm steel barrel of a blue blood freeze
It’s a cell we all can’t leave 

The clouds may look soft but Hell it always burns 
And what one ape can do another ape can learn 
So yawn at the rhetoric as they survey the Mosque 
Just whistle past the yard with the ropes and the burning cross 
A melody of stolen blues 

We share this history 
The sermons and the screams
The tangled lights on the Christmas reefs
To the roots of the lynching trees 

There’s a great debate at church. There’s a puzzle in the paper 
We hesitate to learn it’s bigger than any savior
The jury has a test. You better answer right. 
A mob of angry prophets will bring it to the holy site 
Where Eve’s on trial all her life 

We share this history
The field day and the siege 
The winding wait for the second coming 
The peace of the jubilee

This slogan isn’t clever. This song is long winded
The words have lost their strength so what else are we left with
But the dancing smoke filled sky? The dirt and blood thats blended?
The truth that rattles the cage or the truth thats never mentioned?
The passive burial or a god damn fight?

We share this history
Our friends and family
The great divide and the gathering 
Of strangers we finally meet 


released November 29, 2016



all rights reserved


The Zach Jones Brooklyn, New York

Zach Jones grew up in Virginia Beach, went to school in Richmond, VA, and now currently lives in Brooklyn. Jones describes himself as a garage folk, acoustic pop writer who draws from artists such as Elliott Smith and The Beatles, both of which can be heard at times in his own music. He loves small fat dogs, banana smoothies, and saunas. ... more

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